Guide to improve the learning experience of refugees and newcomers

This guide is intented for language teachers, trainers, social workers and volunteers. It helps to understand better the situation of refugees and newcomers in order to better take into account their expectations and priorities. It provides recommendations to organise and support the learning. Each category of operator will gain professionalism outside of his specialisation in one of the following field: competence based approach, learning to learn, psychological and social support, language learning.

Method and tools to identify and develop the skills of refugees and newcomers with the perspective of employment

This document provides methods and tools for trainers, counsellors and career guidance staff working with refugees and newcomers to facilitate their access to employment. It helps 1) to take into account the migration experience to valorise it by detecting and highlighting the underlying skills; 2) to identify the skills that are able to be used for a quick and better integration in the host country through work; 3) to identify and develop the transversal competences that are key in a working environment.

Guide to prepare and support companies to employ refugees and newcomers

This guide provides methods and tools for managers and for the staff playing an active role for the integration of refugees, who can be tutors, mentors or co-workers. Before that it encourages companies to employ refugees and newcomers, even if they are still on the process of learning the host country language, because they can bring a real added value.