Three types of testimonies are presented: stories of refugees, integration paths seen from the professionals' point of view and initiatives told by the people who implement them. They show that a successful professional integration requires the joint involvement of several actors. They can be accessed either directly or by keywords.



Jackline from Cameroon : food diversity and cultural heritage may lead to a faster economic inclusion

Jackeline from Cameroon

Jackline, age 32, is a Cameroon woman arrived in Italy in 2016. She was taken in charge by social services for refugees and beneficiaries of international protection. Learning Italian was not difficult for her, who had a good education level. She has two jobs, depending on seasons: in winter she works in a hospice, while in the rest of the year she works in an agricultural cooperative where she is engaged in growing fruits and vegetable, as well as in transforming products. She has learnt to make marmalades, jams, sauces and other typical Piedmonts products. She is proud of having invented a new sauce which takes her name “Jackline sauce” and which is a mixture of African and Italian cooking style. She likes this second job, while the experience in the hospice is just a fall-back to earn money all year long. Speaking about the cooperative, she shows high commercial skills promoting their products and flyers. Her Italian is excellent. She does not speak about her previous life, as it is not so important now. She really feels included in the town of Torino.

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